Reflection of Evil

   REFLECTION OF EVIL  (Soon to be a major motion picture)

Out of this world extraordinary. Riveting and exciting every second. Edge of your seat powerhouse of entertainment, fright, fun and inspiration.

"Through a perilous series of different dimensions, times and realities, 16-year-old Jamie Corcoran, with the aid of Joyce Levenstein, a middle-aged Cabalistic scholar and psychic, risks death to save the life and soul of his best friend, 18-year-old Crystal Blair, who has been possessed by a maliciously evil Demon whose mission is to end all life on earth."

Testimonial of the novel, Reflection Of Evil

(A review of the novel, Reflection Of Evil)

The screenplay is adapted from the novel, Reflection Of Evil by Bob Ader     By William Johnson lll

[5 out of 5 stars]    A Novel with both Verve and Depth

“I highly recommend Reflection of Evil.”  

“What I found the most engaging about Reflection of Evil is the breadth of its concerns, and the corresponding diversity and firepower of its characters. Sexual awakening, military honor, the responsibilities of parenting, youthful rebellion, and the sources of good and evil are some of the threats to complacency that this novel’s characters deliver in tangible and unrestrained terms. The story starts out peacefully enough with the frolicking of two teenagers in a rural Vermont. One of the kids makes a mistake and sets loose an enemy that will do battle with them until their strengths and shortcomings are on full display. The setting of the story expands as the action develops. Before the novel is over we will see an epochal conflagration. Yet, the conflict gets going in the nooks and crannies of Montpelier, Vermont, where the teenagers search for answers about who (or what) has targeted them, and what he, she or it wants from them. The stage grows to include New York City, then Europe, and then beyond. A series of vicious murders that take place on the road from New England to NYC tells us that what is at stake goes far beyond the affairs of a pair of teenagers. Nevertheless, one of these kids decides that it is up to him to stop an evil force that has designs on not only him, but on everything and everybody. As the action accelerates, new characters, with both weapons and baggage, enter the combat. A lot happens in this novel, and the skill with which the author weaves all of his characters and seemingly disparate events together is apparent. I don’t want to give away the ending, but I will say this: The story is grounded in theological speculation and in real historic events, a dichotomy that allows the author to end a very tactile narrative with a profound reflection on the nature of time.”



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