Reflection of Evil

   REFLECTION OF EVIL  (Soon to be a major motion picture)

Out of this world extraordinary. Riveting and exciting every second. Edge of your seat powerhouse of entertainment, fright, fun and inspiration.

"Through a perilous series of different dimensions, times and realities, 16-year-old Jamie Corcoran, with the aid of Joyce Levenstein, a middle-aged Cabalistic scholar and psychic, risks death to save the life and soul of his best friend, 18-year-old Crystal Blair, who has been possessed by a maliciously evil Demon whose mission is to end all life on earth."

Who this film is for

This is an extraordinary screenplay. The story is riveting, frightening and exciting and all of the characters interesting and we relly care about them.  This screenplay is so remarkable. It is like the horror genre in that there are horrific, terrifying occurrences, but it is so much more than that. There is a theme that touches our souls. There is an unconscious call to us to try to make this world a better place. We are frightened out of our wits during the film and love every second of it, but our unconscious mind gets the message of how we need to make this world a better place. The world is in need of our film, REFLECTION OF EVIL today more than ever. It is the perfect time for it, and I know it will be an International blockbuster as well as being one of the most frightening, riveting and inspiring films of all time.

WHO THIS FILM IS FOR?                                                        

People who like horror films

People who like Sci-fi films

People who like paranormal/supernatural films

People who like films about saving the world

People who like Jewish Mysticism

People who like quantum physics

People who like to think

People who like to be afraid

People who like films about love and friendship

People who like fantasy films

People who like erotica films

People ages 18 to 90

As you can see, REFLECTION OF EVIL is a film for adult audiences of all ages and varied interests and will attract audiences worldwide. My sincere belief is that it will be a high grossing International blockbuster. Everyone who read the novel that the screenplay was adapted from, has stated how thrilling, riveting, frightening and captivating the book is and that it is also filled with warmth. The screenplay adaptation of “REFLECTION OF EVIL” follows the novel very closely.

More about Reflection of Evil

The project should greatly distinguish itself from past and future genre efforts in several ways:

     REFLECTION OF EVIL is not a “found footage” horror film, which crowds the current genre marketplace (Like, Blaire Witch Project and Paranormal Activity and a myriad of other lesser known films).

     The film will be high quality.

     The film has the distinction of being the only horror feature that encompasses alternate reality, alternate history, quantum physics, fantasy, erotica, the supernatural/paranormal, sci-fi as well as a Jewish Exorcism all in one riveting and exceptional film.

      And even though film audiences will be mesmerized, terrified and engrossed by every second of the suspense, they will also subliminally be getting the message to make the world a better place and they will feel the importance of love for all mankind. REFLECTION OF EVIL is most certainly a unique, riveting and exceptional film., HotDoodle™ Custom Web Design and Quality Affordable Website Designers for Small Businesses and Professionals
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